Arrange the Room With a Rattan Daybed

Arrange the Room With a Rattan Daybed

Daybed is a multifunctional sofa that can be used as a bed. When compared to a sofa, a daybed can be an option if you have limited space. Not only multifunctional, this daybed also doesn't take up space. You can use it as a relaxing bed for a nap, or it can be used as a sofa in the living room or on the terrace. In order to beautify the room of your home, you can use a daybed like the ones below.

Sorin Daybed

Sorin rattan daybed

Sorin rattan daybed is very suitable for use in a minimalist room, because it is not too big. You can also use it as a sofa. You can put it in the room near the TV. With the additional cushion that is not too thick, it adds comfort when you lie on it. Finished with natural colors, add a warm atmosphere to your room.

Saint Tropez Daybed

Saint Tropez Wicker Rattan Daybed

With a coastal style, this daybed is very suitable to be placed on the terrace of the house or on the home page. You can feel the tropical atmosphere, you just lie on it while taking a nap or just reading a book. Comfortable cushion, makes you feel more comfortable to relax. Made of cl rattan with a larger diameter, making it sturdy so that it can bear large loads.

Salsabela rattan daybed

Salsabela rattan sofa daybed

Working all day will certainly make your mind and body tired. No need to leave the room, just add a tiny daybed in the workspace as a resting location. Use the daybed as a spot to read or just close your eyes for a few minutes during your break. You can put it in the living room instead of a sofa, or you can put it on the terrace to relax in the afternoon.

Amma rattan daybed

Amma Rattan Daybed

Tired of the sofa, you can use a Amma wicker rattan daybed instead. Use a daybed in the guest room and arrange it like a sofa. if you only have a little room, you can use this daybed as an extra bed, especially if guests are staying more than one

Natural wicker material will still look luxurious and contemporary, offering indoor or outdoor decorations that are part of the tropical-style house. Neutral shades, shadows and light brown color, or feel of full color on furniture and interior decoration made from natural rattan displays bright accents.

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