We are a leading Indonesian Export company and manufacturer of rattan furniture and other natural fiber materials such rattan, water hyacinth, seagrass, banana leaf, abaca and croco. We are very experienced in exporting quality furniture to around the globe since 1993. We have furnished hotels, villa or house project for wholesaler, retailer or interior desingner from Asia, America, Europe and also Africa. 

Our furniture are made from Natural fibers and Rattan which can grow fast and easily in Indonesia Rain Forest. Thus it doesn't effect to GLOBAL WARMING like deforestation do. Moreover, our treatement are based from water base system which is eco-friendly to your family and save our enviroment. Don't hesitate to contact us for your inquiry of our eco-friendly furniture which can be made of rattan, waterhyacinth, seagrass, banana leaf or abaca.

Discover our collection here and our new line at www.IndonesiaRattanFurniture.com and www.NaturalRattan.com


  • Swallow Set
  • Nile Dining Set
  • Merry Set
  • Calissa Set
  • Cellini Set
  • Wonder Set
  • Noodie Set
  • Nios Set
  • Exxon Set
  • Lunar Set
  • Alicia Set
  • Axxa Set
  • Anatia Set
  • Bobby Set
  • Cardive Set
  • Jamaica Set
  • Palm Set

  • Soneta Barset
  • Pearl Set
  • Papasan Relax Set
  • Champer
  • Treasure Chest
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